Engagement Story

We had originally met in high school and quickly became good friends. We never dated at that time but eventually reconnected through a mutual friend during our sophomore year in college and began dating. Throughout the 8 years that followed we traveled together, lived in New Zealand, and then eventually moved to San Francisco, California.

On a trip back to our hometown, Chad lead me out onto the pier in front of his parents’ home. This pier had set the stage for many memories over the past decade: it was the place where we took prom pictures, had our first date, celebrated our first-year anniversary, eventually fell in love, and where we spent many lazy summer days lounging on the bay. On this particular day in September, the pier became the location where he asked me to be his wife.

Why did you choose the Outer Banks & The Black Stallion?

Throughout the years we had been dating, the Outer Banks was where we spent numerous family vacations. We have always felt instantly relaxed when we travelled to this beautiful strip of barrier islands. We have amazing memories of our time in OBX and it holds a special place in our hearts.

Among our travels we had been fortunate to meet so many wonderful people that we can call our friends. We knew that some of our wedding guests would be coming from all over the world. So it was a no brainer when we started looking into destinations that the Outer Banks was at the top of our list. It served as a central location on the East Coast where our family from Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Georgia, and Florida could all drive too. We also wanted to share this previous gem with all of ours friends from California, Australia, Canada, and Poland. We knew it would be a great place for our wedding and a special location for our family and friends to enjoy.

Description of wedding

The property and house are so naturally beautiful that we wanted it to be setting of all of our wedding events. Our vision included simple, crisp, clean, and elegant. We went with white table cloths accented with plenty of greenery and gold touches. My now-husband loves to grow succulents. Therefore, we included small hints of succulents that we grew. Our budget focused most on making the space intimate and unique so that our guests would really enjoyed being outside and dancing under the stars. We had the dancefloor installed and lights strung over the pool, which was our favorite feature. Our first dance under the lights while the sun was going down is one of my favorite memories from the reception. Since our décor was very simple, most of the color came from the greenery, flowers and lights reflecting off of the pool. We are so fortunate to have such a large loving family with a diverse skill set. Our family helped make our wedding vision come to life. We ordered bulk flowers from Costco and Bouqs and all the flowers were DIY. We also have friends that are in the event planning business who helped with the day of coordination and ensured that our day went without a hitch.

Any advice to couples currently planning a wedding?

Plan out the day to the minute and buffer in extra time just in case. Get an event coordinator, at least for the day of. You will need it, trust us. After the ceremony, put aside some time for just the two of you (no photographer, no family, no wedding party) to enjoy being married. You will be so happy that you did. We did a private cocktail hour where our cater brought us drinks and appetizers. We just loved being able to take a time-out to bask in the moment. Hire Steamers. Chris & Nicole were FANTASTIC. Seriously, words cannot express how great they were to work with. Be sure to buy a few kegs from Northern Outer Banks Brewery! Lastly, pick a time the night before the wedding (we did 10:00 PM) which is your cut off point. Whatever isn’t finished by that point will just be what it is. Go to sleep, wake up, and get MARRIED!

List of Vendors